TURF Analysis - Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis - Introduction

T.U.R.F Analysis - Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis
By: Vivek Bhaskaran
CEO, QuestionPro

TURF is a statistical model that can used to answer questions like :

  • Where should we place ads to reach the widest possible audience?
  • What kind of market-share will we gain if we add a new line to our model?

It was originally devised for analysis of media campaigns, and has been expanded to apply to product, line and distribution analysis.

With QuestionPro any MULTIPLE CHOICE (Multiple Answer) question can be analyzed using TURF. The TURF Simulator can give you One-Click access to Optimal configurations for maximizing reach. Reach or Coverage is defined as the proportion of the audience (target group) that chooses a particular option.

Real Life Example Scenario:
QuestionPro conducts surveys on a regular basis to find out what kind of information our users are looking for when they initially come to our site. One of the questions in a Popup Survey is the following :-

What we want to know is what Three choices among these Seven choices will give us the most reach? A Simple Frequency Analysis gives us the following results :-

Please note that the simple frequency does not give us any particularly interesting data. Here we note that Pricing, Feature Matrix and Extraction Features are the three most important pieces of information that people want.

Is this really the right answer though? Probably not because we have not taken into consideration that the same people who requested Feature Matrix might have requested Extraction Features also!

We need to eliminate the duplicates and to find out the "Reach" of any three of the elements to effectively come to a conclusion.
With the TURF analyzer and Simulator from QuestionPro we find the exact reach for any number of the options: -

This shows that Pricing, Feature Matrix and Piping Features give us a Reach of 87%. This is good, but we also want to find out what three options give the the maximum reach. We use the TURF Simulator for this.

You can use the TURF Simulator to find the "Optimal" three choices that gives you the MAXIMUM Unduplicated Reach.
The TURF Simulator runs through every possible configuration of three choices at a time and gives you a sorted order of "Reach %".

Here we find out that Pricing, Feature Matrix and either Other or Data Integration Services will give us about 90% reach!
It is also worthy to note that our simple frequency analysis yielded a different result.